Color Wars!

This week at camp there was a color war breakout! For those of you that don’t know what a color war is, it is the most hilarious and fun series of games, ever. The campers were split into their teams with Georgia leading the blue and... Read More

Camp: it’s not Just S’mores, it’s a Cultural Exchange as well.

  Every summer an influx of international counsellors arrive at Mountain Camp Woodside, with wide-eyes and a lot of enthusiasm; excited to be working in the beautiful Portola Valley. Recruiting counsellors from all over the world is an intentional decision. We believe that the unique atmosphere... Read More

Thought of the Week | Get Outdoors

Following on from last week, our CIT kids helped put together the next ‘Thought of the Week’ video. This week we decided on the theme ‘outdoors’. See what our campers and staff had to say about the outdoors!

Wacky Wednesday at Mountain Camp Woodside

Wacky Wednesday. If you have been to Mountain Camp Woodside, you will have been subject to one of the most fun days ever! It is a day when normal camp activities is put on hold and for one afternoon only there are an array of exciting... Read More

Kids Talk About Friendship | Thought of the Week

We love making friends at Mountain Camp Woodside, so we thought we would talk to some of our campers about friendship. They had some interesting ideas on what friendship means.

Campfire Cones | Outdoor Cooking

We love a bit of outdoor cooking at camp! Every Wednesday we have some delicious delicacies for the kids to cook at camp. This week we had Campfire Cones – here is our secret recipe so you can try them at home. Ingredients: Tin Foil Waffle... Read More

Staff Training at Mountain Camp Woodside.

Staff training week is over and camp has officially started! Training is very important to us at Mountain Camp Woodside and we had an awesome week getting our new counsellors, ready for the campers arrival. It has been a hectic five days of training, covering all... Read More

Packing for Summer Camp.

It can be hard deciding what to pack for summer camp, I know I always pack too much in my bag. So we thought we would help you guys out and share with you our packing list for campers. Clothing 7 pairs of underwear 1 set... Read More

Welcome to our new Blog!

Awesome, you found our brand spanking new blog! Go you! We are extremely excited to be updating you all through this new platform this summer. The blog will be the place; where we update you on all the exciting camp news, give you our camp tips,... Read More

Wacky Wednesday – Fancy Dress Themes

Wacky Wednesday Themes for 2016. For those of you who haven’t been to Mountain Camp Woodside before, you may not know that Wednesday is ‘Wacky Wednesday’. This is the day that camp gets really exciting. For one day only, we completely change the program and introduce... Read More