Junior Counselor Program

Mountain Camp Woodside has a Junior Counselor Program for anyone between 16 and 18 years old. All Junior Counselors (JCs) are day staff and need to commute to camp each day. Junior Counselors are paid staff with a few differences from the Senior Counselors. We have a limited number of available JC positions.
* If you are under 18 but have graduated High School, you are eligible to be a Senior Counselor.

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The JC program is a fun way to spend the summer while also getting job experience. You will learn leadership skills, how to collaborate with others, and become part of the camp community along with many other things. JCs are vital to the camp and have a huge role in providing the campers with a fun and safe experience at MCW. They will be supervised by our Age Group Program Directors who will provide performance feedback throughout the summer. All info on our other staffing pages is applicable to JCs and can give you more info about the job.

Junior Counselors at Mountain Camp WoodsideWhat is the hiring process?

First, you will need to fill out an application by following the above “apply now” link. If we have openings for the weeks you are available, a Director will contact you. All JCs will have up to three video interviews with our Directors. All interviews take place over Zoom/video chat and last up to one hour each. If accepted, you will need to fill out all of MCW’s staff forms to complete employment.

What’s the difference between Junior Counselors and Senior Counselors?

Junior Counselors have the same requirements and responsibilities of Senior Staff. The campers don’t know the difference between JCs and Senior Counselors.  This distinction is for staff and paperwork. There are a couple of main differences:

  1. JCs primarily work with our youngest age groups, Cubs (K-1st grade) and Blazers (2nd and 3rd grade). We also have an office position available for one Junior Counselor.
  2. JCs need to acquire a work permit. Even if they have had another job, they need a work permit specifically for Mountain Camp Woodside. Forms and info can be found here »