Wacky Wednesday – Fancy Dress Themes

Wacky Wednesday Themes for 2016.


For those of you who haven’t been to Mountain Camp Woodside before, you may not know that Wednesday is ‘Wacky Wednesday’. This is the day that camp gets really exciting. For one day only, we completely change the program and introduce random activities like; slip’n’slide, rock climbing, outdoor cooking, and many more. Check out our video on youtube explaining exactly what happens.

Alongside the activity switch up, we also get dressed up! This is a huge deal for the counsellors and the campers, and especially Jim – who takes his costume decisions very seriously. Below are the themes for each week this summer, so you can prepare your costume early, you know we will be!

Session 1: Mis-Match Day. You CAN wear stripes and plaid.

Session 2: Favorite Disney Character Day – including Star Wars
Session 3: Favorite Animal Day
Session 4: Red, White and Blue Day (Happy Birthday America)
Session 5: Favorite Superhero or Villain Day
Session 6: Favorite Sports Team / Player
Session 7: Camper group color day (each camper group will pick a color)
Session 8: PJ Day

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