Staff Training at Mountain Camp Woodside.

Staff training week is over and camp has officially started! Training is very important to us at Mountain Camp Woodside and we had an awesome week getting our new counsellors, ready for the campers arrival. It has been a hectic five days of training, covering all aspects of camp in our comprehensive staff program.

We pride ourselves on having the best staff in the world, having hand-picked them based on their experience, enthusiasm and their ability to be an excellent role model. This year our counsellors are from; England, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, Wales and from all over America. We believe that the unique atmosphere created by this cultural exchange, adds to our camp experience. Our highly qualified staff is truly the heart of the program.

So we thought that you might want to have an inside look into our staff training program! To see just what the new staff gets up to in staff training, check out our staff training video here.

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