Food at Camp

Mountain Camp Woodside takes pride in our excellent food. All of our nutritious meals are prepared by the Woodside Priory School’s year around chef and professional food service team. They have designed menus that meet camper’s tastes while still providing wholesome, healthy nourishment.

Every meal will have a hot option along with a salad bar, baked potatoes, pasta bar and a sandwich bar. A vegetarian or gluten free option can be made available at every meal. Plenty of choices are offered including fresh fruit and vegetables, a cereal bar and yogurt at every breakfast.

Food allergies are extremely common and our menus are designed with most common food allergies in mind. If your child has a food allergy or you have questions regarding any special dietary needs, please call our camp office at (650) 576-2267.

Sample Menu
Meals are selected to provide nutritious, delicious options that appeal to a nearly any taste. Check out our menu here.

There is salad bar at every lunch and dinner and a breakfast bar at every breakfast that campers can choose from in addition to the main courses.  Click here for our menu and please note that options are subject to change but this will give you a good sense for the meals at Mountain Camp Woodside.

Romy says "the food is great.” Camp was a success. - David M.